Welcome to my technical writing, service design, and UX writing portfolio. It gives you exhibits of my work in conceptualizing, researching, writing, designing, publishing, and managing user experience within apps as well as technical artifacts, services, and systems.

About Chris includes short and long versions of who I am as a technical writer and service designer, and how I came to practice this unusual combination of disciplines.

Portfolio Design

I have designed this portfolio to help you find the exhibits you want easily. Each exhibit summarizes an artifact, and it links to the artifact itself when it is not private/proprietary.

  • Core gives you the short list of representative exhibits of both technical writing and service design.
  • Writing offers a wide range of my writing and editing work.
  • Service design displays my work with full life cycle services, journey maps (AKA user stories), brand comparisons, website benchmarking, persona studies, brand/social media strategy, and more!
  • Governance shows my work in regulatory governance and financial institutions; it includes technical writing and service design.
  • Use the UX writing or website tags to see exhibits of websites, applications, digital manuals, communities, websites, and more.
  • Software highlights my experience with a wide range of artifacts concerning enterprise software.
  • Instructional design focuses on training materials and manuals/help, and KM shows my experience with creating, curating, and managing firms’ knowledge.
  • Proposals details my experience in various combinations of roles: writer, editor, subject matter expert, and production manager in complex RFP/RFI responses.
  • Marketing exhibits include white papers, websites, collateral, and thought leadership, which aim to educate existing and prospective clients about relatively complex products and services.

I have also categorized exhibits by type of artifact in the right sidebar, hence: Manuals & Help, Code, Document Management, etc. under “Exhibits” while Papers, Reports, and Poems are under “Topics.

Thank You

Thanks for your interest in my work. Please comment on any page or Contact me to explore working together.


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